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A celebration of music at the IMPJ Biennial

The musical experience at our Veida is always a highlight of the whole weekend. Spiritually, culturally, socially and religiously, here are some performances

we’re planning this year: 

  • A traditional “Mizrachi” Oneg Shabbat will be led by student rabbi David Azulai, Gal Stern, Yuval Iluz, Shani Milo and others. 

  • Intimate sessions with songwriters to learn ancient melodies and other trends.

  • Our congregational choirs will be performing throughout the conference.

  • Enjoy a youth-led performance by the "Nigonella" youth ensemble from Nigun Halev community in Nahalal.

  • Rabbi Michal Ken-Tor will perform poems and songs by Meir Ariel.

  • A musical Mincha service with the Hararit Ensemble, Rabbi Or Zohar and Rabbi Liora Ezrachi-Vered.

  • An upbeat Oneg Shabbat (Friday at 21:00) led by the Yiddish Klezmer Di Gassn Trio.

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