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Prayer and community


Kabbalat Shabbat at the IMPJ Biennial will be led by rabbis of Reform communities in rural villages in Israel, accompanied by musicians from our movement, and will take place in the open air of Kibbutz Shfaim on its grassy lawn.


Shacharit at the IMPJ Biennial will be a traditional Reform Shacharit led by Rabbi Rinat Safania, Rabbi Oded Mazor, and Rabbi Binyamin Minich, combining traditions from the East and West, alongside cantors and musicians of the Reform movement. A musical Mincha for Shabbat will be held on the grass of Shefaim for all to enjoy. There will be a simultaneous service addressing God using female pronouns.


More activities at the IMPJ Biennial include:


- Group discussions on the grass before Shabbat led by HUC Israel students in four languages.


- A panel led by young adults discussing the challenges for the future of the Reform Movement, titled: the IMPJ in 2050.


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