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Workshops and Lectures

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Prepare to experience and discover the dynamic and moving world of community leadership in the  IMPJ. Rabbi Alona Nir Keren will lead a workshop on challenges facing women rabbis in Israel. Former Chair of the IMPJ, Reuven Marko, will lead a workshop on supporting communities in crisis situations. IMPJ rabbis will lead a workshop on leading communities in our hybrid reality.

Tikkun Olam - we will deepen and sharpen the Reform Movement's position on burning issues such as the position of "The stranger, the orphan and the widow" in Israeli society. 

Speed date with IRAC, enjoy stand-up comedy by Anat Hoffman, and join “Keren B’ Kavod” to learn about their efforts and programs toward Jewish-Arab coexistence. Focus on the environment with sessions on the study of ecology, the effects of the environment on the economy, society and our spiritual world; meet MK Alon Tal, David Woppner, and Yosef Abramovich; learn with Nir Giron, and more. Torah At the IMPJ Biennial, we will put Torah study into practice, in study circles on the grass before Shabbat, in a hands-on workshop with the creators of “Yehudim Bai’m”, in conversation with future rabbis at HUC in Israel and around the world. Tefillah We will dive into liturgical developments in the Israeli Reform world of liberal prayer, we will explore dilemmas in the editing and writing of our new Siddur, and we will unpack the possibility of creating an Israeli LGBTQ Siddur, and we will study ancient piyyutim. Multiculturalism We will re-examine the Declaration of Independence together with Rabbi Nava Hefetz, Rabbi Dalia Tibon Legziel, and IRAC, we will meet a circle of women asylum seekers led by “Keren B’Kavod”,, we will hear about inter-religious movement initiatives and much more."


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