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1-2 / 6/18 - Kibbutz Shefayim

Daily route

At a special price for families

Feel free to enjoy all the conference events and give your children an unforgettable weekend

Registration includes entry to the water park

You will not be allowed to enter the conference without registering

-  Registration for Friday only includes: admission to lectures, Shabbat reception, Kiddush meal on Shabbat night and participation in Oneg Shabbat,

-  The kiddush meal on Friday evening is a light meal, you can sign up for an additional meal at the hotel's dining room

- Saturday lunch is extra charge - you can choose  A self-service buffet in the open air or a meal in the hotel's dining room

פעילויות לילדים

Children's Activities

In the conference complex in Shefayim

The movement conference emphasizes fascinating activities for children of all ages  Throughout the conference. An activity room for children will be operated throughout the conference with instructors, skyscrapers and various activity facilitators. We are waiting for you and your children!


A ropes park that will operate on Friday and Saturday

Entrance to the Shefayim water park - on Saturday




Ages 4-9


  • Children's show: "The Giant Gender"  With Ramit Cohen from the story

  • We celebrate Shabbat with a circle of musical instruments - with Dori Klein

  • A movement workshop for parents and children with a lot of movement

  • Art stations

  • Introducing my children  : Clara's Suitcase (Dori Klein)


Ages 9-12


  • Treasure Hunt

  • Musical Instrument Circle with Dori Klein

  • Mind games with Gili Kleinberger

  • Experiential activity of Telam youth


Registration for a one-day track

At a special price for families

Having trouble signing up?

Contact us at 077-4404248

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