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Cinema Conference

The Jews are coming Ben-Gurion Epilogue  

Desert Wounds dirty laundry

This year, for the first time, the conference will also include screenings of quality films and video content that deal with the conference in various ways - freedom and responsibility. After the screenings, there will be discussion sessions on the content - part  From the discussions will be with the filmmakers. Shhhh .... start in a moment.

The Jews are coming

Meeting with the creators of the series -  Assaf Beiser and Natalie  Marcus and projection of selected sketches

Closing Sessions: Saturday 6 p.m.

The series The Jews Are Coming went through many hardships as it was approved for broadcast and after doing so it bought it many fans, the Academy Award for Film and Television and quite a few reviews. The creators of the series will tell us about the creative processes, about working with the holiest cows of Israeli society and why self-humor is so important.

Ben-Gurion Epilogue

Director: Yariv Mozer Editor:  And Yael Perlov

Screening of excerpts from the film and a meeting with  With David Barak Brodecki, who researches Ben-Gurion's attitude toward Reform Judaism

Closing Sessions: Saturday 6 p.m.

The film brings an interview with Ben-Gurion by a British television crew in the winter of his life in the late 1960s. The interview served as the basis for a feature film about Ben-Gurion's life and remained buried for almost fifty years. Its exposure allows for a human encounter  And exciting with the great leader. But more than that she is  Contrasts the Israeli reality of life today with the moral and spiritual vision that was the basis for the establishment of the state.

Desert wounds

Director: Nili Todan

Screening of excerpts from the film as part of a discussion on the situation of asylum seekers in Israel

Saturday 11:00

"Desert Wounds" A five-year follow-up to the struggle of two women who fled the civil war in Sudan and Eritrea, and made their way to the only country where they thought they could survive. A journey that has not yet ended.

dirty laundry

Creator: Yael Scherer

Screening of excerpts from the film and a conversation with the creator

Friday 10:30 p.m.

After her father is convicted and imprisoned for sexual abuse, she decides to change the rules of the game and stop playing the silent and ashamed victim. She first files a precedent-setting civil lawsuit against her father. At the same time she decides to document her life in video diaries. The film accompanies Yael for four years during her legal battle, revealing the painful chronicle of her crumbling family, and the heavy price she pays in her life.

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