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Two days of musical celebration

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Debbie Friedman Suite

On the 5th anniversary of the death of the creator, composer and spiritual leader Debbie Friedman, the Israeli Reform Movement is proud to present, at a world premiere, an instrumental tribute to her work. The Classically Arranged Orchestral Suite, written especially for the movement's conference by the young composer Or Oren (member of the Natan-Ya community), presents Debbie Friedman's melodies in a new light and illuminates her prayer in a modern and elegant angle. Performed by an orchestra of about 30 musicians.


Arranger, musical director: Or Oren, with the support of the Reform movement and in collaboration with Debbie Friedman's family.


Kleizmodern is a band that includes two singers, a saxophonist and a computer, and performs contemporary electronic arrangements for prayers. The band's vision is to make the Reform prayers accessible as they have been sung for many years in various Reform communities in Israel to a young audience in its spirit, and to give them a dance and party character while combining old and new, traditional and modern.


Among the melodies that are reworked are melodies by Debbie Friedman, Jeff Clapper, Shlomo Carlebach, Uzi Hitman, Zvika Pick and more. The ensemble is led by Noam Sperber and Tali Mann, who are the two musicians who play in the Lev community in Tel Aviv.

Bat Ella

Bat Ella, singer and spiritual accompanist, is a graduate of the Southern Command Band. A secular Israeli, who presents a pluralistic, egalitarian and Israeli Jewry. In her performances in Israel and abroad, Bat Ella sings prayer songs and piyyutim in melodies and arrangements that express the rich musical fabric of the Kibbutz HaGluyot in Eretz Israel.


A show that has the power to bring upliftment, joy, optimism and hope, a show of Israeli soul music with a Jewish flavor.


Quartetokan is a musical project that brings cultures and peoples together through songs and melodies. The show combines East and West and rarely brings together Bialik and Fairuz, Leah Goldberg. The project grew out of a connection and collaboration between four musicians from different cultures, who were put together into one fascinating show. During the show, the listener goes through a kind of journey in the world which is a mirror of today's multicultural Israeli society. A journey from which we draw cultural richness and a basis for human dialogue, listening and harmony.

Nathaniel Goldberg and the lineup

A musical improvisation celebration for Shabbat led by Nathaniel Goldberg and his band. The show is improvised, and its content is not dictated in advance. The music ranges from quiet, magical, distant and soothing districts to a tribal trance that dances the crowd.


Each performance is a new, intriguing and unknown world, which expresses the creative world of all the members of the ensemble and creates a harmony full of colors, sounds, languages, characters, experiences and depth.


Featuring - Dror Parker - drums and percussion, Alon Amano Campino - guitars, Nimrod Nol - violin, Suf Nicaritin - double bass, Nathaniel Goldberg - vocals.

Mountain ensemble

Northern Wind: A musical journey into the Sabbath, with a mountain ensemble for sacred singing: Rabbi Or Zohar (melodies, guitar singing) Pliza Zohar (harmonium singing) Ofra Imri (cello) Yoav Saban (more).


For several years, Rabbi Or Zohar and his wife Pliza have been working on a musical project with thirteen original melodies of Shabbat prayers, from the reception of Shabbat, through the evening prayer of Shabbat, Shacharit Shabbat to Malva Malka.  


The melodies in the project draw from musical traditions from the East and the West, in an authentic Israeli combination of the various musical cultures, and most of them were created directly from a community experience of singing and playing at festivals and communities from Tel Aviv to Tivon and Hararit in the north. 

Uriah Bartel

Uriah Bartel, musician (singer, bassist, composer and arranger). Grew up in the Mevaseret Zion community (Kemetz). Graduate of Rimon School. Has played in various communities of the movement for 14 years.


This year he released his first album "Not Every Hour", which includes a number of melodies for texts from the "Work in the Heart" arrangement and from other Reform sources, along with original texts.


Bartel combines in his style between soul music (SOUL) and the above texts. Sees Judaism in general and Jewish music in particular an extensive culture from which there is always more to learn and more to learn about.

The Tel Aviv Voice Quintet

The Tel Aviv Vocal Quintet "grew out of the members of the Tel Aviv Chamber Choir, and began its activities in 2013. Its members - Hila Arieli and Dana Elazar-Halevi (soprano), Carmel Ben-Ephraim (alto), Eran Hanani (tenor) and the David Rabbinate student Benjamin (bass) - everyone learned singing and voice development in different settings.


The quintet's repertoire is varied and includes liturgical and secular music from the Baroque period to the present day, as well as arrangements of Hebrew song. The quintet performed on various stages with the "Tel Aviv Chamber Choir" and with the "Baroque" ensemble. The members of the quintet will sing from the Treasure of Classical Reformed Prayers, as some of them are still sung in the movement's communities, with a classical choral approach and original arrangements as written by 19th century composers Lewis Lewandowski and Salomon Zolzer along with other contemporary composers.

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