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1-2 / 6/18 - Kibbutz Shefayim

Conference guests and lecturers

The conference of the Reform movement is happy and proud to provide a platform for a wide range of guests and lecturers from Israeli society. You can meet the team of speakers on stage at the opening and closing events of the conference, as well as in the various sessions that will take place throughout it.

דוד לביא

Music at the conference

The "Hallo" track, the musical soundtrack of the conference, has already become a tradition at the Reform Movement Conference. As at the conference, the artists and creators active in the various movement frameworks around the country will receive exposure and stage and year in a number of centers.

For the first time this year, a professional track is being held for public messengers and musical prayer leaders aimed at sharing, learning, discourse and developing the language of musical prayer in communities.

Cinema Conference

This year, for the first time, the conference will also include screenings of quality films and video content that deal with the conference in various ways - freedom and responsibility. After the screenings, there will be discussion sessions on the content - part  From the discussions will be with the filmmakers. Shhhh .... start in a moment.

Award creates light

Every two years at the movement's conference, the reform movement awards the "Creator of Light" award to Israeli artists who make a unique and significant contribution to Israeli culture. In their work, "creators of light" make Israeli culture more open, more tolerant, more complex and deeper.


Route  Accommodation in Shefayim

Participation in the conference and accommodation in Kibbutz Shefayim

Daily route

Attendance at the conference without accommodation

Poleg Family Track

 Special family conference at the hotel in Poleg

על הוועידה

About the conference

The Reform Movement Conference in Israel is held once every two years for 52 years. The conference is a celebration of study, prayer, music, discourse sessions, sessions on current topics and fascinating activities for all ages. For the past decade, the conference has been held at Kibbutz Shefayim. While this is a rare opportunity for members of the Reform movement communities from all over the country to meet and experience the Sabbath together. The conference is also a great opportunity for those who are not members of a Reform community to have an initial acquaintance with the movement and its people.

בין חירות לאחריות

I am  Liberty  For warranty

And the tablets are the deed of God and the letter God's letter is freedom on the moisture to incidents of freedom but freedom that you have no free son but one who deals with the Torah (Tanna Debi Eliyahu Zuta, 17)The theme of the Reform Movement Conference for 2009 is "Between Freedom and Responsibility." The tension between freedom of choice and the yoke of the kingdom of heaven, the freedom to shape our lives, the tension between destiny and free choice "everything is expected and authority is given" and through the national aspirations of the people of Israel to be a free people in our country. : Freedom of religion and belief in the State of Israel, public struggles for the freedom of the individual. To be a free people in our country ... Freedom and mitzvos, for the tension between autonomy and free choice in Jewish law and the Reform movement. Personal freedom as inner and spiritual work. Social Personalization - Opportunities and Challenges of the Modern Man.

צרו קשר

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