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Israeli Reform Arrangement


In corps and trembling but also in joy and age we present the prayer of man, a new Israeli Reform arrangement!

The Reform arrangements for their generations and languages express the eternal values of the people of Israel, and the contents and ideas of traditional prayer that connect us to countless generations of Jews who have raised their eyes, hearts and voices in prayer. These are woven into the issues, insights and fundamental questions that pulsate our own generation, the consciousness of the worshipers and worshipers for whom the Siddur was created, and from whose minds the prayers of the present are carved. Among the principles that have guided the Reformed prayer for generations is a central place to emphasize the dimension of intention, the commitment to maintain the sincerity of the expression, the willingness to shorten the prayer in places that have been too long and the desire to enrich it with new content and fresh voices.


Many voices

The creation of the prayer of man was a broad process, a movement celebration that lasted more than half a decade. We tried to share as many votes as possible. It was important for us to include in the arrangement the variety of praying voices of Jews throughout the generations. We included prayers from Second Temple literature, Cairo Magnesia and medieval arrangements. A significant place is given to contemporary Israeli poetry and work, and to a real representation of the Jewish experience of the various communities and the various Diasporas from the West and the East.  


The Man's Prayer makes a graphic distinction between the wording of the prayer, the one that has been sanctified in the Israeli tradition and updated in the reforming renewed tradition so far, and excerpts from poetry, piyyut and other prayers that we offer to worshipers as alternatives and enrichment for their prayers.  Among the pages of the prayer of man you will find the week and Shabbat prayers, prayers and blessings for special events and the main prayers of the holidays. We underestimated the instructions and explanations, knowing that in different communities different customs were cast.


Movement arrangement

Movement arrangement comes to reflect a whole range of moods and movement directions. We hope that the variety reflected in the new arrangement invites deepening and enrichment from different community traditions, in a way that suits each community. May the prayers hidden between the pages of this person's prayer express the words of our mouth and the logic of our hearts, and be to will, melody and good sense in the eyes of God and man! Who will give and fulfill all the wishes north of him and in the depths of our hearts for good and blessing!

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