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Dr. Tomer Persico

Dr. Tomer Persico is a researcher and lecturer in the fields of world religions, the new age and Judaism. Persico is a research fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute and the academic director of the Alma House of Hebrew Culture.


Dr. Meir Bouzaglo

Dr. Meir Bouzaglo is an Israeli philosopher. Dr. of Philosophy and Lecturer in Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He deals with the philosophy of mathematics, the philosophy of language and the philosophy of Judaism. The face of Israeli society.


My mother Palmor

Serves as Director General of the Ministry of Justice since February 1, 2014, deals extensively with issues of sectoral equality in employment.


Dr. Ruhama Weiss

Lecturer in Talmud, and director of the Blaustein Center for Spiritual Counseling and Guidance, at Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem. Also writes poetry, sculpture and representative art. Library: Commits to My Soul - Committed Readings in the Talmud; Eating to Know - The Cultural Role of the Meals in Sages' Literature, Mothers in Therapy - A Literary Psychological Journey with the Heroes of the Talmud (with Avner HaCohen).


Dr. Dalia Padilla

Dr. Padilla is the director of al-Qassemi College of Engineering and Science at Baqa al-Gharbiya, and the director of the College's School of Engineering. She is also a lecturer at the Lauder School.  For Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya. Her areas of expertise are Arab society in Israel and women's leadership.


Muhammad Drawasha

Director of Equality and Cohabitation Planning in Givat Haviva, former co-director of the Abraham Fund and one of the founders of the One Voice organization in Israel.  


Yair Harel

Cantor of the "Zion" community in Jerusalem, bard, musician,  Founder and editor-in-chief of the "Invitation to Piyut" website, one of the founders of "Kehilot Sharut", which works to spread the piyyut tradition, the artistic director of the Jerusalem Piyut Festival. Yair will teach piyyut during the movement's conference as part of the "Hallel" route, discuss the combination of Eastern and Western traditions in prayer, and deepen the singing of the "Song of Songs" scroll in preparation for Shabbat and in honor of the new movement prayer arrangement.


In addition to the lecturers, the guests will participate in the conference in various panels :


Anat Hoffman, Dr. Dalia Marks, Roman Bronfman, the poet Shlomi Hatuka, a meeting with activists of a generation and a half - Vadim Blumin, Katya Kopchik and Lisa Rozovsky.  Nidal Othman, Chief of Staff for the Fight Against Racism, Raunk Natur and Ron Gerlitz, CEOs of the Sikui Association, Adar Cohen, Yael Maayan, rabbis of the movement.


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