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Conference accessibility

Because it is important to us that everyone feels at home

Accessibility arrangements  

The reform movement in Israel sees great importance in providing a quality, professional, equal and accessible service to all who come to its gates, including people with disabilities. We also work to make the movement conference accessible so that everyone can participate fully and equally.

The following are the accessibility arrangements that exist at the conference. For adjustments, which do not appear here, you can contact Yuval Newman, details at the bottom of the page.

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility:

  • Disabled parking

  • Accessible access roads

  • handicapped bathroom

  • Accessible furniture

  • Accessible reception

  • Signage and markings for the visually impaired

  • Tables and chairs are accessible.

  • There are 2 rooms adapted for the disabled.

  • You can reach the theater hall by car.

  • Wheelchair spaces in the theater hall


Accessibility for the hearing impaired:

  • Transcript at major conventions

  • Additional accessibility on request

Accessibility for the visually impaired:

  • You can enter with guide dogs

  • Additional accessibility on request

Accessibility to Cognitive Mental Disabilities

  • The conference program in linguistic simplification will be provided upon request

  • A request for assistance note

Accessibility to languages

  • Simultaneous translation into English at large conventions

  • There is a program in English as well

Want help?

For special requests and accommodations please contact by May 21st. After this date we will not be able to guarantee proper accessibility.

Yuval Newman Accessibility Coordinator:  Mobile: 054-7791104  |  Fax: 02-6203446 |  Email:

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